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Smarter Workforce

Interested to tap into the big world of iPad and iPhone but find it too expensive or slow to outsource?  Why not pick up some skills in iPad/ iPhone development at our workshop, and exchange some ideas to realize your marketing ideas?

Businesses today are facing more challenges than before.  From competitive price comparisons due to the Internet and social sites, to cost pressures due to material, transportation, and energy, business is simply not   “as-usual” any more.

Smarter Operations Management
Inventory & Logistics Management


Production operations are the core day-to-day work of a manufacturing line.  Any efficiency enhancement is thus easily multiplied by hours, days and months of operations.  Learn some of the most practical science and technology behind a smarter production operation and how you can implement them.

Inventory is money flowing through your business.  Smarter management of inventory ties up lesser capital, while smarter logistics not only gives direct cost savings, but also enhances resource utilization, delivery productivity and environmental protection.  See how technology lead you to such possible implementation and lift your production capability above others.

Marketing & Sales



Production Analytics

Production improvements rely on knowledge of data sensed from production line.  A good grasp of production signals tell you a lot about the health, productivity and its contribution to business bottom-line.  Come pick up lessons on implementing such systems to improve your production capabilities.

Smart analysis use data to detect defects.  Smarter analytics reveal deteriorating trends, compute appropriate course correction, contrast with feedbacks, and alert ahead of defects.  Suitable applications of production analytics can bring about reduction in lead time, improvement in quality and overall enhancement of business agility.  Join us in our workshop to become more aware of the powers of production analytics.

Data & 

Data Interchange

Production data, personnel information, sales commitment data, resource utilization information, spare capacity, delivery schedules, request fulfillment data;  these are just some of the important data sets businesses today have to deal with.  Effectively managing them can be an edge towards better efficiency and competitiveness.


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